Fantastic mail :o)

I had a hard morning at work today but it was soon forgotten when I got home and found the post that was waiting for me, the most stunning altered CD my friend Nicole had sent me for our swap. It looks beautiful in the photos but in real life it is so textured, really needs to be seen in the flesh. Nicole, thanks mate.


littledawnieno1 said...

Hey there Deb

Well Nicole's style is so fab.How wonderful to come home to this treat. Beautiful eye candy.You lucky girl.

Good luck to Sam too.What a beautiful gal.You must be a proud mamma.

thanks for visiting my blog too my lovely. I really appreciate your comments.

hug to you


Ev said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comment. I send (((hUgs))) right back to you. I was wondering how you had found me then noticed that Dawn has put a link in LOL. I have been visiting your blog from time to time without making comment...suppose that is me out of lurkdom now ;O)

Nicole Z. said...

Great you like it dear. ;)

Anne said...

This is beautiful Deb - what a treat!