Bittersweet news

For as long asI can remember my daughter has wanted to be a childrens courier for a holiday company. She had several interviews last year and despite having all the right qualifications didn't get a job purely because she wasn't yet 18. Sam turned 18 last August and she was determined this year would be her year to get her dream job. She had her first interview of the year on Friday, with the Eurocamps holiday company, and she was quite confident after a very good interview. Well today the letter arrived, she has been successful in her quest for the job she has wanted for so long. I am over the moon for her and have told her to take every opportunity life offers, but at the same time my Mommy genes have kicked in and I want to keep her locked up in her room and never let her grow up. I know she is going to have a whale of a time, spending the summer in a European country, making lots of new friends, and just generally living her dream, but I know I am going to find it so difficult to let her go.
Well done Sam, I am so proud of you. Go knock their socks off.


Paula said...

Well done Sam....Hope you have a wonderful time in your new job!And {{hugs}} to you Debs.

Nicole Z. said...

Great news for Sam, I can understand your feelings Deb. Many hugs Nicole

jo said...

As I said on forum, fabulous news Deb... and Sam...go girl!!! Not many get a chance at their dream job.xx