Winter Wonderland

Well the predicted snow arrived this morning, not just a little sprinkling but a few inches, more snow than I've seen for several years. Everywhere just looked so clean and peaceful covered in it's white duvet.

I had to take my camera with me when I went to work as I walk through a lovely park to get there. I keep saying I want to get some photos of the park either covered in snow or a good frost as the big old trees look so beautiful.

I'm quite pleased how these pictures came out considering we had a pretty good fog as well as the snowfall.


jo said...

brrrrrrr Deb it makes me feel cold looking at those fantastic pics. The first and last are my favs....

Nicole Z. said...

The pics are great, feels like going inside, drinking hotb tea and reading a good book. ;)

Anonymous said...

Deb...these are fantastic. I always love to see snow pics :o)

littledawnieno1 said...

Fantastic pic's Deb. Beautiful isnt it, but with it comes a quietness thats hard to forget.
Wish I could see it for real.

Funny how its snow and cold there, hot and windy here.

Love it

xela said...

wow .... fantastic. I like your pic