I'll never be short of stamps again

I have had Adobe Photoshop on my PC for as long as I can remember and all I have ever really done with it is use it for cropping photographs. Imagine my delight when I came across a couple of online tutorials for making digi stamps, so I had to have a play. After many failed attempts I did begin to get a few really good results. The first stamp is taken from a photograph of my Great Grandmother and the second is from a photo of my daughter.
EDIT:- Barbara, the best tutorial I found was by Gillian Allen on Art-e-zine. I'm not sure if this tutorial would work on any other programme, but hey it's worth a try.


Nicole said...

They look great dear. ;)

Jo said...

Its simple isnt it once you know how lol

Nice one Deb.

Sasha said...

They are brilliant!
Many thanks again for my personalised birthday card too, we all loved it.

Lana said...

Brilliant Deb!!!

Barbara said...

How wonderful Deb can you share what the tutorials are and tips. I would love to do this. I have CS2 are these tutorials good for this?