Do you ever get the feeling time is running away on you

because that is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm not especially busy, I only work 4hrs a day and yet I have no time for creating, boring things like housework and cooking keep getting in the way of my 'Me' time. The last decent amount of 'Me' time I got was a few weeks back and because the sun was shinning I took myself outside and over the week read the entire Twilight series, very indulgent reading the first book in one day. I know these books are aimed at teenagers but I have to say I loved them!

I'm hoping normal service will resume shortly and I will be able to manage my time more efficiently and actually get and take part in a few of the great challenges that are around at the moment. So if you are one of the lovely people who visit my blog regularly, I apologise, but I will post something a bit more interesting than this waffle asap :o)


Kaz said...

lol...I like your waffle....know exactly what you mean too, time management is not my strong point anyway, but real life is just pants for getting in the way of crafting. and we don't get enough sunshine not to make the best of it!!
I've resisted Twilight so far, but who knows how long for...lol
good luck finding some "me" time real soon. x

Marilyn Rock said...

I love waffles :) I wish I could add them to my mixed media pieces :)

I go through the same Deb. I find if I don't create in the morning, I'm done. I'm retired and still have to find time to create.

Between family, household stuff; it's not always easy to fit ourselves in. I've tried to make more of an effort, lately, to set aside one day a week which I call "studio time" and even announce it to family and friends here. It seems to work but, occasionally, life happens and I have to tweak things.

Looking forward to when you can back at your beautiful artwork.

Sieze the day :) xxoo Marilyn

Lesley said...

Hi Deb,
Never apologise for not blogging! You can come back fresh and renewed after taking a break! A bit of me time set aside for reading ain't bad either. Haha!
Lesley x