What do you mean you're buying my Birthday cards

was the exclaimation I got from my soon to be 16yr old Son the other day when he overheard me mention the cards I'd bought for him. So after making me feel very guilty, kids are really good at that aren't they, lol, I tried my hardest to make him a couple of cards. My first problem was not having any materials suitable, so I went hunting through some digital kits I have stashed on my PC and came up with a couple of very suitable kits.

This first card is made from papers included in the cycling kit I downloaded from Epson. The bike theme is great as Adam is a bit of a mountain biker and loves nothing more that getting muddy. The lettering is all hand cut and the little sixteen tab is printed from the PC.

Adam is a bit of a budding musician, loves writing music and playing with his band, ok it's only a group of mates but they call themselves a band, so when I found this fab kit, called Future Rock Star on Two peas,
I knew it was perfect. Adam is a little vein so I thought using a photo of him would make a great card from his younger brother. I added the little cross stamp and hand cut the number.

These cards are both a bit of a sidestep from what I normally make, but I think they will be well received by the birthday boy.


Penny said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! (see, I got the right day this time ;) ) He's looking very cool there!

Heather Robinson said...

Well you certainly rose to the occasion, Deb, even if fuelled by guilt! What a personal and awesome card!

Anonymous said...

Well done Deb! I don't blame you at all fro wanting to buy 16yr old boys cards lol, but great that Adam wanted you to make them! :)

Allotment Lady said...

What a handsome young man - fantastic cards

Angela Sumner said...

Fabulous cards deb!!
Hope the Birthday Boy enjoyed his day :)

Anonymous said...

Deb...these are both great. Love the one with the pic of your son.