GPP crusade #11

Crusade #11 over on GPP street team is Make Some Noise.

I love music of all sorts and although rock is my first love there is a very special place in my music collection for the first record I bought at the tender age of 11 back in 1981, and that was Don't you want me by The Human League

and in total contrast the second song that I've chosen is Through Glass by Stone Sour, a favourite at the moment. I just love this track

and lastly I couldn't do a list of favourite music and leave out my all time favourite band, Bon Jovi. I have had a 20 year love affair with Jon and the boys, lol. How do I pick a favourite song of theirs, impossible, so I'll just share one of my faves


michelle ward said...

deb - glad to have you join the music crusade! love your choices....have always had a crush on JBJ. LOVE stone sour. corey rocks. great choices.

jo capper-sandon said...

Oh the days of shoulder pads big hair and eyeliner :0) Great Bon Jovi track...takes you back ay, Deb. I always remember being drunk and chanting whooooooooaaaaaaaa rofl.tmi. Great choices.

Gillian said...

Lol @ Human League ..... great choice there deb
*thumbs up* @ Bon Jovi :)

Kaz said...

brill choices Deb- WOW @ Stone Sour, great one, and Bon Jovi is lush, and the Human League, well that was pure class, I used to do my make up like that singer (the female lol)

great choices though, I love this!!!

Anonymous said...

Deb....great selection and I love that Human League song :o)

Sam Morris said...

You rock chick you ;o)

Nominating you for yet another blog award...you know where the details are ;o)

Thanks again for my truely gorgeous birthday bits ;o)

steff said...

stone sour and jovi? what more could a girl want!!!!!